"Steady Faith by Dr. Karla Scott offers an invaluable narrative on the correlation between faith and leadership. The most relevant audience for this work are those individuals who believe that they are being prepared for challenges that they still cannot fully envision or understand. The lessons that Dr. Scott provided to hundreds of future military leaders over a decade at the United States Naval Academy were invaluable to them. Understanding her personal development and evolution into that role offers an invaluable lesson for us all." -- Michael B. Williams, PhD, LtCol USMC (Ret)


"Faith is at its finest during life’s unexpected turns. My thoughts were immediately captured by the intrigue and universal connectivity in the first chapter. Suspenseful yet beautifully written, it reveals how one moment in time can reveal the purpose for one’s life journey!"

Mary Perara, President and CEO at 365iNfusion, LLC and author of Priority One

"Steady Faith by Dr. Karla Scott is an exploration of what it truly means to walk by faith and not by sight. Through adventurous, humorous, heartwarming narrative and reflection of God's constant and steady hand at work in her life, each chapter of this book takes us on a remarkable journey all over the world offering a generous glimpse into the life of a woman whose gifts have not only made room for her, but have often placed her in the presence of greatness time after time. Karla's gems of wisdom gained as a result of her unflinching rock steady solid belief will awaken and inspire the natural born leader in you to walk tall in your purpose and strut by faith, fearless and full of grace."
Stacey Evans Morgan
Television Producer/Writer and Author of the novel A Good Thing.


 "Often times we hesitate to move out into deep waters or foreign territory because of fear of the unknown. You remind us that our steps are ordered by God and can't be changed. This book is a must read for all believers."

Christine Psalms, Founder and CEO of Dancing for His Glory Dance Studio and Company 


"Indeed, the paradigm of Leadership has drastically changed over the last decade. Rarely are leaders required to engage in any form of introspective assessment and development in order to evolve into influential leaders. Unfortunately, society has adapted a leadership model where we celebrate and promote a novice to guide individuals toward a distorted understanding of success. In the Message Bible, Timothy advises against placing a beginner in the role of leader: “He (The Leader) must not be a new believer (novice), lest the position go to his head and the Devil trip him up” (Peterson, 2002).

Tragically, when a leader gets ‘tripped up’ the people who are following this individual often suffer tremendous setbacks and losses as a result. Hence, the book Steady Faith invites true leaders to initiate the transformative process of accurately evaluating their internal strengths and provides viable interventions that fortify their weaknesses. Readers are compelled to search their hearts and investigate their motives behind the actions they make. Who does that? Who takes the time to endure a process of uncomfortable pruning in order to evolve into an individual who is now competently equipped to effectively lead others?

For me, even as I read the first chapter of Steady Faith, I found myself in deep self-examination. The author, Dr. Karla Scott, infuses her personal experiences and biblical truths in such a way that it forced me to evaluate my own “inner work”. I wondered how my particular developmental path impinged upon the influence and the quality of leadership I exert within my current realm of authority.

If you serve in any capacity of leadership, let Steady Faith be your navigation system that guides you into becoming an Influential Leader. Truly, this book is designed to escort fervent Change Agents through their personal journey to discover or reconnect to their God ordained purpose as a Leader. Ultimately, I am convinced that Steady Faith can be one of the major tools which leaders, both secular and sacred, can employ as they endeavor to make an indelible impact in the lives of those they serve."

Mrs. Kelly Gorham, Supervised Therapist & Crisis Responder, VMCL, Certified Coach Practitioner, CCF IWN Internet Radio Host