I want to “testify” that Karla Scott, guest clinician for the Abyssinian Mass, surpassed my wildest expectations yesterday. She had students at Butler High School and East Mecklenburg High School eating out of the palm of her hand. Her presentation was very interesting, informative and engaging.”

— Mark Propst - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Ultimately, I am convinced that Steady Faith can be one of the major tools which leaders, both secular and sacred, can employ as they endeavor to make an indelible impact in the lives of those they serve.”

— Mrs. Kelly Gorham, Supervised Therapist & Crisis Responder, VMCL, Certified Coach Practitioner, CCF IWN Internet Radio Host

[The military] continues to need officers of right moral standing, sound judgment, and a sense of the Holy Spirit working in their lives. I believe that’s what you are preparing in Gospel Choir. ”

— Naval Aviator - Name withheld due to active service status

Karla, as a seasoned educator, I knew from the moment you started that it was going to be a delightful event. It was fascinating to witness how you related the music score to jazz, hip hop, classical and gospel something all of them understood.”

— Jonathan Bloom -AC New Orleans Public Schools