The Vocal Spa exists to provide live and digital training for singers. Founded by Dr. Karla Scott in 1998 as a way to provide vocal training workshops for singers in the Body of Christ, The Vocal Spa expanded its reach in 2018.  In that year, she began offering digital products, courses, virtual group workshops and private lessons to singers around the world via her Instagram page @_thepowerofyourvoice_ 

If you are a live performer or performing artist (any genre) with a goal of maintaining vocal health and longevity, The Vocal Spa is for you. 

If you are a gospel singer, worship leader or prophetic psalmist who is looking for vocal technique that doesn't fight with your call to minister deliverance, hope and truth to the people of God, The Vocal Spa is for you.  

If you are an experienced singer who has spent many years away from performing, perhaps the cares of life, illness, and responsibilities have made it difficult for you to continue...The Vocal Spa is for you.  

Imagine, singing with effortless access to your range.  Imagine having the confidence to know that your voice will respond beautifully each time you perform. Imagine knowing exactly how to overcome illness, tension, hoarseness and how to stay on track vocally for a lifetime.

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 Stay well, sing beautifully

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